Did you know homes sold by owners actually made less money than homes sold by a realtor? And while you may have been considering selling your home solo in order to save money, there are a lot of factors you should consider.

Let’s face it. The words real estate attorney may not always have the best connotation, but they’re extremely helpful if you’re looking to sell your home.

What is a real estate attorney? Here is an outline of everything you need to know about real estate lawyers and why you need one in the future.

What is a Real Estate Attorney?

A real estate attorney is a lawyer who is well-studied in real estate law. While it may be tempting to briefly read over real estate requirements prior to signing your name on the dotted line, a real estate attorney will make sure everything is legally going in a direction it’s supposed to.


After learning what is a real estate attorney, it’s important to understand all of the services they offer. Because a real estate attorney deals with more than just contractual agreements, you want to be sure that you’re utilizing your agent in the most efficient way possible.

The following are services are provided by a real estate attorney:

  • Creating Documents From rental agreements to deeds, real estate attornies have templates for the documents you need to complete your transaction.
  • Negotiation Let’s face it. When it comes to buying and selling property, you’re going to need a great negotiator. Hiring a real estate attorney makes the broker/bank negotiations that much smoother.
  • Title Searches How else would you know if the property you are about to purchase has a lien? Real estate attornies are great at finding out any encumbrances that are attached to the property.
  • Contract Overview If a deal seems too good to be true, it may be. Fortunately, a good real estate attorney is well-versed when it comes to understanding contracts.


Working in real estate can be extremely overwhelming. And while you may think real estate attornies only come with outstanding fees, they help alleviate a lot of the load that comes with purchasing a property.

While you may not think a real estate attorney is necessary, they help get you out of binds when transactions don’t go as planned.

Learn About What is a Real Estate Attorney and More!

Whether you want to learn more about what is a real estate attorney or have questions about real estate law, we’re here to help. Finding a trusted real estate attorney can be difficult. And let’s face it. When you’re in the midst of drastic life-changes, the last thing you want to deal with is roadblocks in the buying process.

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